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Homage to Dan Winter

Hi, I pass on this info in respect for the remarkable Dan Winter, many of whose ideas underpin the subjects discussed and developed in the conference below.

In 1999 I spent an electrifying day with Dan Winter in a group of about a dozen, in Adelaide, at a time when he was under attack from dubious lawsuits brought by certain parties in America. A decade later he has survived and is recognized worldwide for his brilliant work.

Calgary November 21-23rd

Early booking discount 7th Nov, only $250

This autumn in Calgary, this incredible conference will bring together a scintillating group of cutting edge scientists and leaders to share, discuss and celebrate breakthroughs in science, green energy and the ‘fractal’ unified field theory.

We are living in a phenomenal age. Now more than ever before, we have the opportunity to spread a unique brand of intelligence all over the world – one that will not only help nurture and protect our planet, but allow for a transition to more efficient and sustainable energy, healthcare and agricultural systems.

For a special discounted fee of US $250, (up to 7th November) you can be among the first on the planet to learn about next-level technologies for revolutionizing water treatment and agricultural water use, creating a high-level repair of our ecosystem, total ecological energy production and much, much more.

We encourage you to visit for a full description of scheduled speakers, topics, venue, accommodation, online booking and events.


  • To bring together the world’s leading team of scientists who are on the cutting edge of fractal field technologies
  • To develop a growing network of compassionate investors and commercial leaders with awareness of global needs
  • To develop innovations in agriculture, technology, energy systems, sustainability, health, and education
  • To provide a forum for brilliant ideas and new paradigm thinking
  • To facilitate collaboration between visionaries, scientists and pioneers
  • To promote robust science and hardcore testing, validation and analysis
  • To develop regenerative projects that offer sustainable living systems
  • To provide market support for key projects
  • To facilitate investment in new expressions of essential energy that can improve lives

Chances are you as passionate about innovations in agriculture, new energy systems, carbon neutral sustainability, architecture and health as we are. The applied Fractal Field theory is an inspiring new order of pure scientific principles, which clearly explains magnetism, how gravity is produced, how seeds germinate, and how life is supported. When the electric field is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE FORCE energy is massively optimized. We now know the symmetry and frequency recipes to cause this to happen. This has never been achieved before-the potential for commercial applications are huge.

PHASE CONJUGATED DIELECTRICS have produced a measured approximately 50% increase in glucose uptake which translates into an approximately 50% increase in fermentation rate. Dan Winter has taken what is known of phase conjugation in dielectrics- and applied critical plank, phi and hydrogen frequencies - and developed them with piezoelectric fields . This has never been achieved before.

This is the physics behind reducing aging, massive increase in agricultural yields, splitting hydrogen from water efficiently, creating implosion rather than ‘explosion’ and other commercial applications. Many of these innovations will be presented for the first time after many years of research, providing us with much needed global solutions to our planetary problems such as green house gases, energy supply, and feeding the world.

Hydrogen Energy Revolution
New ground breaking research in establishing precise frequency tunings based on Plank, Golden Ratio and Hydrogen atom. These frequency recipes may be the most important and powerful that have ever been researched on this planet.

Magnetic Water Technology
Polluted water is passed through breakthrough magnetic treatment and immediate sedimentation occurs, effectively separating and removing pollutants and making water potable.

Eco Global Fuels
A unique method to split hydrogen and oxygen from water that is the most efficient - and cost effective - than any other method on this planet, and the most environmentally friendly way of production- only using the sun and the inherent energy of water. Relies on carbon dioxide emissions to convert hydrogen into fuel, which will assist all industries looking to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time producing renewable carbon neutral transportation fuels A principle of the company includes the original researcher with Yul Brown, (inventor of 'Browns Gas') Ross Spiros from Australia. Read more

Phase Conjugate Dielectrics
Phase Conjugate Cascade (Dielectrics) is the key to bioactive fields and has proven to optimize germination, fermentation, metabolic rates, tissue repair, and sedimentation. We now know that in air just like in water, when the electric symmetry is fractal and phase conjugate all the LIFE-FORCE energy will be massively optimized.

Revitalizing the soil
Over-farmed, barren and soil low in nutrients is re-energized and its fertility dramatically increased with revolutionary microbial technology which in tests has consistently increased crop yields by 40%.

Pain Relief Medical Technology
Patented new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target pain throughout the body. Based on magnetic cascade, which eliminates pain and speeds healing. Trial testing has been achieved in hospitals.

Transport Fuel Enhancer
Fuel Efficiency Treatment. Molecular cluster size decreases by using Magnetic Phase Conjugate technology and at the same time increasing atomization efficiency - and therefore much increased fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as 30-50%, saving billions and saving the planet from harmful emissions.

Global Pollution Clearing
Pioneering holographic research and applications for Carbon Footprint and Stabilization systems, includes groundbreaking work on 'Grid System Technology'

Unified Fractal Field Physics
Research and testing experiences in Bioactive and Phase Conjugate Measurement.

Hypersonic Propulsion Transportation System
Works with the air not against it, separating the air before the vehicle enters it. It does that with no pollution of the atmosphere, and using renewable energy. All transport vehicles reach rapid speed, with low energy use.

A revolution in urban design and community planning – which can be scientifically proven by measurement. Understanding the geometrical patterns, fractality and mathematical proportions that create life in order to build and design with, has been largely forgotten in the world. We how have dead and sick buildings, that block our potentials.

Reinventing the Fashion Industry
The way to 'embed' completely into your environment and your "energy body". Includes material, genetic diversity, biological capacitors, trace mineral recipes, shape, patterns, colors and of course 'Fractalilty'.

Ormus - High Spin State Superconducting Matter
Ormus, ORME and m-state all are generic terms, which apply to any normally metallic elements in a spectroscopically "invisible" non-metallic form. These terms apply regardless of which method was used to obtain them or the relative effectiveness of the element.

Art and Science
Geometry as a Therapeutic Tool
We find ourselves in the midst of an immensely important transformative period. We are collectively involved in the transition of the old world dying and a new world being born. One of the biggest problems facing us is that we are living out of sync with nature and have done so for quite some time. As a result we have lost our connection to lifeÕs vital energies and the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos. We have become disjointed from our soul connection to the Earth and the world we live in.

Bloom the Desert
Returning LIFE FORCE and LIVING WATER with Fractal Field Technologies. With proper understanding of deep primary water- abundant water is available in the Desert. By combining sensitive cutting edge magnetic mapping, we are able to locate deep water- called 'primary water', even in very desert like conditions.

Early booking discount only $250 for conference

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