Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ulysses his odyssey to Point Turton

You knew that. Ulysses and Odysseus are variant names for the same bloke from Homer's epic poem. Today, Sunday 13 December real time in South Australia, I am off to have lunch at the Tavern-on-Turton pub - a fairly new one - located at the very attractive township of Point Turton with a fine view northwards over Hardwicke Bay. So, a minor expedition or odyssey to get there, to join fifty or so members of the Ulysses motor cycle club who are having one of their club runs on this perfect-weather day.

And no, I'm not going on a motor bike! Have owned three over the years, but no longer. It just happens that my house guest this weekend is a club member but is skipping today's long run with the club, consenting to have lunch with me at the pub and to travel there in my boring old car, and tell me more about the elderly bus she has acquired. The bus came with a country shack she has bought near Ulverstone in Tasmania - and it, the bus, is currently holding up the carport. Sounds interesting. I'm even invited to go and stay. The shack is in a wildlife park. Does wildlife mean there are bikers? Or is that bikies? And which ones have the tattoos? I forget.

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