Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Speaker in the House but no garden sprinklers

South Australia's parliament has a new Speaker, Whyalla MP Lyn Breuer, and the Deputy Speaker is the Member for Bright, Chloe Fox. Certainly a first, females in the "two top roles" as Greg Kelton put  it in today's Advertiser. It is unfortunate that Breuer's first words in interview with media were stridently sexist, as she declared that she would keep order in the house - the Speaker's proper job - "because they can be naughty boys." Headline: Women Rule the House.

Still, I liked the paper's second front page heading: Garden Sprinklers Facing Extinction. The context was serious enough, Water Minister Paul Caica reflecting that despite good rain for the start of autumn, we will be urged to give up forever the old ways of garden watering.

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