Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dirty business

The dirty business is not only the ALP hanging on to power in S.A., holding 26 seats to the Libs 18 despite achieving only 37 percent of the vote.

But rather, I am referring again to the sad business of the secret judicial system in China - and the ten year sentence given to Australian citizen Stern Hu of Rio Tinto, with Australian consular officials denied access to the courtroom for the trial. There are aspects of comic opera, although for the persons convicted it is no comedy.

Local and personal, of course, outweighs the national and international for most of us.

Yesterday our little group of friendly singers and instrumentalists gave its quarterly concert at the Elanora Home in the town of Stansbury. I used the digital camcorder to record the proceedings but due to human error (guess whose??) the camera ran out of battery juice and so missed Angie's solo and the group finale. My name will be mud. Report card: Can Do Better.

At least the Aussie cricketers completed their clean sweep over the New Zealand Black Caps in Hamilton, winning both Tests of the short series.  Now the top guns from both teams are headed to India where they are signed up to play for various teams and for serious money.

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