Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flaherty's Beach

Further down the Spencer Gulf coast from Parsons Beach - do I put in the apostrophe? ... nah - is Flahertys Beach, another long remote stretch of seawrack, sand and shell. There's a single gravel road for access. no difficulty there, and even a handy visitors' carpark.

Today is Tuesday which means it's the song-group practice day. Wish they'd let me call it a choir. Anyhow, about every second week after the practice I drive over to the Flahertys Beach carpark and set off either north towards Hardwicke Bay or south towards Point Turton and walk on the beach for a half hour to maybe an hour. For me this is welcome and much needed exercise, especially since seven months ago I damaged my right foot and it is not quite 100% back to A1 at Lloyds. That means, it is still playing up. Stuffed. Buggered.

So that's Flahertys Beach. Not a tall ship in sight today.

However I took along the little JVC hybrid GZ-MG630 camcorder that I got with Fly Buy points. Slowly I am getting the hang of some things it does. When all else fails I read the destructions. More later. Talk soon.

P.S. The singing dog was a no-show at the song practice (there are two concerts scheduled for August) so I keep my job! Yay.

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