Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rewritable DVDs - the Awful Truth

Aargh!! I recorded the whole two hours of our five-weeks-to-go concert rehearsal in the church hall at W., and put 'em on DVD. Do I really grimace and twitch like that on the higher notes? Ye gods. Winning my place back from the singing dog must have gone to my head - or larynx.

It is still early days, thank goodness, as far as the stagecraft goes. Our group of a dozen souls is doing a cabaret-theme wrap-around of the varied song content (not just songs from the musical Cabaret) interspersed with some connecting comic sketches. Thanks, Gwenda, chief scriptwriter.

My favourite number in our looming show is Angela's solo Maria Elena in her native Spanish. (Tuyo es mi corazon / Oh sol de mi querer ... ). And with male voice I like it very much as sung by Helmut Lotti, posted on YouTube. Go hear.

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