Saturday, September 12, 2009

Joseph Campbell 1904 - 1987

Jane came round today bringing with her a VHS video released in 1988 featuring the great Joseph Campbell interviewed by media personality Bill Moyers. Campbell did this interview shortly before his death at 83, in 1987, on October 31 - Halloween - a kind of magical day of the year. Is that significant? I guess it might be. Campbell dealt with myth, ritual and magic in his famous writings in anthropology and comparative religion, and it struck me as we watched the video that he was the American counterpart for the late 20th century to my fellow Scot, Sir James Frazer (author of The Golden Bough, 1922) in the early decades of that century. Wikipedia told me that Campbell was born on March 26 of 1904. Hmm. Exactly a month after my dad was born.

Well, the Australian cricketers are 3-0 up in the best-of-seven series in England, in the one-day format against the host country, play starting in five minutes for the fourth match. Gotta go!

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