Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Up and Away

Goodness ... another five days just got away. All I can show for the elapsed time is the planting out of six Roma tomato seedlings and eight snowpea ditto. That's a bit sad.

Just read the review (Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton) of the Pixar animated film Up. Four and a half stars each. Must see. Thanks to Bill B. for pointing me to the review - plus his own endorsement.

Yesterday's rehearsal at our singing group (we still don't use the C word) was for next week's mini concert at one of the nursing homes where we perform: a re-run of most of the numbers from our stage show a month ago, proving to us how much you forget in a month. Mind you, our dear pianist was away recovering from a knee-op, and her replacement did not have the same magic accompanist's touch. Today I deliver to the recovering one a DVD from my camcorder's remorseless capturing of the event, by order. There shall be no secrets from our musical director.

And, oh yeah, the English cricketers deserve applause for their last match win in the One Day-ers, saving a whitewash to finish 6-1 down to Australia in the series. By now both sides have winged it to South Africa to compete with the other few cricketing nations: to the rest of the sporting world a matter of no interest whatsoever.

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