Saturday, September 26, 2009

Woodhenge, Stonehenge, and a lunch

Lunch in Adelaide yesterday was with Margaret H. at La Piatta, to catch up before she heads to Scotland next Wednesday. She then took the O-Bahn back towards Golden Grove while I went across the road to the Nova Cinema for the 2pm screening of the Pixar film Up, whose review so impressed me, And yes, it was worth it. Glad to have seen it.

On the way to the Magareys and a meal with them, I called briefly at 154 Greenhill Road which is the Haigh's Chocolate visitors' centre. But the last tour of the day is 2pm. I'll go again. I bought a box of their scorched almonds for Enid, our hostess at RTS. Kevin M. was recovering from a cold and elected to stay in and have an early night, but Margaret accompanied me to the meeting; it was Rosemary's leading of discussion on the Stonehenge monument on Salisbury Plain, England, and its history, with mention of the nearby Woodhenge. I set up the camcorder to make a record of the evening. It has turned out O.K. despite low light.

At Heartbeat House, Hans (from Holland at age 10) and his wife who is totally deaf (their home is in Mt Gambier) was still in residence from my stay a month ago. They are daily at the bedside of their adult son who has been in a coma for six weeks because of complications from the swine flu virus. Also arrived yesterday were two sisters from Darwin whose mum has had a heart bypass op, and that appears to have gone well.

For some reason I slept very poorly last night - in the top storey room. During the night there were rain flurries many times - plus at one stage heavy hail. Not well rested, for the journey home I took several breaks; Dublin, Ardrossan, Stansbury.

Today is the AFL Grand Final between Geelong and Saint Kilda, a matter of major interest to 99.9% of the population.

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