Monday, October 19, 2009

Breakthrough Technologies

I live just up the road from the Wattle Point windfarm - 50 huge wind-driven generators each with its 3-vane "propeller"; each one third the height of the famous Eiffel Tower. Non fossil-fuel electricity HAS to be the way of our future non-polluting power generation.

Setting aside (for the sake of argument right now) all nuclear options, there's wind, solar, wave and tidal, geo-thermal, hydrogen from water, and some others on the horizon,

Here's an interesting site for you to glance at:

What's that? Towards the end of November 2009, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (sure, you knew where Calgary is :) ) is a conference on Breakthrough Technologies, and the URL above - copy and paste it in the browser if need be - is a list of the topics.

An eye-brow raiser, for me anyway, was that a main sponsor is a left-field organisation called the Academy of Sacred Geometry. See? It is becoming more mainstream these days to merge the energies of old-style hard-science with radical alternative approaches to survivability on this wonderful planet.

Turns out that much of the "radical alternative" is capable of good science-based empirically validated research and development. The world is a-changing, and boy does it need to.

Go check it out. Tell me what you think.

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