Saturday, October 3, 2009

Enjoy October

O.K., so it's October already. Just got an email from friendly Gwenda who saw the DVD I sent our musical director of last Tuesday's little concert. Gwenda said only our brilliant cast could have survived with such aplomb the various "miniscule" problems I'd mentioned - late entrances, forgettings of lines, awkward performing space and constant traffic of staff and residents. It's a nursing home! Everyone enjoyed everything :)

Oh, I guess I should mention that the Australian cricket team won that International Champions Trophy in South Africa, in the final defeating arch-rivals the New Zealanders (but we like 'em a lot). New Zealanders like Australia so much - but never admit it - that one million out of a total four million of THEM live in Australia. They even merge undetected in the general population, except when asked to pronounce the phrase "fish and chips". A modern-day Shibboleth. Right, go look it up.

My Huonville house is now under an unconditional contract to sell on 2nd November.

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