Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nearly Halloween

Today is the 29th of October here in Australia. Yes, I know - it is probably still the 28th in the U.S. of A. where Google Central masterminds Blogger Dot Com. There is no special festival for "two days before Halloween". Pity, I feel the need of a holiday, but that is maybe because I was outside this morning at 7.30am starting work on a modest retaining wall to use the hour before the sun gets hot. That will be the go from now on. It is still officially spring, but the summer heat is just around the corner and old guys like me wilt in the heat.

The little retaining wall is to tidy up a piece of the back yard (garden is too grand a term) where a large tuart tree was removed eighteen months ago after beetle attack killed it (and five others at the back of my block of land). The job is strictly non-essential so it qualifies as exercise therapy, and will happen in tiny happy bites.

I intend to close this blog-site soon, and shift it to one of my own domains. There will be a new title and links to "other stuff": health and wealth; futurology and technology; books, language, movies, music & on-line video; community and lifestyle.

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