Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Drama

August already! The Blogspot date says 31 July but in my time zone 'tis indeed first of August already. So it goes.

Main drama of MY week was the falling through of the contract to sell my house in Tasmania. New plan ... I may go over there for a month and see to some serious reno and either re-let the place or put it back on the market. It was offered before at a discounted price (well below median for the area and type of dwelling), a purchaser knowing that it needed work. We shall see.

The nicer drama is that I have tickets for next Saturday's last night of the musical Oklahoma which the Maitland Arts and Music Club are putting on in the McKnight Theatre, where I was the other day for the nifty Metro Male Voice Choir performance. Twice to Maitland from Yorketown in a short space of time! That's like doing the Paris - Dakar Rally. Why, it must be ... 85 kilometres. O.K., so not the Paris - Dakar Rally, which, so I believe, changed its destination from Africa to South America last time they did it. You can't blooming rely on anything any more. Plus the Poms are beating Australia at cricket. Diabolical. I'm a non-resident Scot, but don't expect me to barrack for the English unless it's them agin an evil enemy, with no Aussies or Scots in the picture. So what's wrong with some good old one-eyed partisan spirit?

Where was I? Nowhere much. I dug up my entire potato crop of two plants (good potatoes) which grew all by themselves from last year's spuds which got overlooked. Cut some more logs for the open fireplace in my living room, warm and cosy. We're in winter, and July was the wettest here for yonks. The dry salt pans of this area - 200 of them - are full of ... water! And they look like proper lakes. Alas, no keel boat sailing. Not ANY sailing. I guess you could wade across 'em all.

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