Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fame, Fortunately.

What a blast. Yesterday's annual concert by our little band of modern vaudevilleans was more than well-received by its loyal following - who claimed to be surprised and delighted by the new format. "The best ever" was heard more than once. Fun and super therapy, too, for the on-stage guys - us! Nine women, three men, average age ... well, never mind. And a whole orchestra, that is to say ... piano, trumpet and tuba.

But I insist on telling the tale relayed to me by email this morning. Gwenda said she'd met three folk in the street (20km from where the concert took place) all of whom had enjoyed the show, AND ONE ASKED "Who was the young man next to you in the opening number?" Ahem. 'Twas I. And young? At my age, it is a glorious fiction, and bless that lady for her tact and kindness.

I am off in the morning on my mostly monthly jaunt to Adelaide, three hours away. Might catch a couple of good movies. Good company planned for tomorrow evening. See the eye specialist for a routine check on Monday. Lunch with other pals - fresh from tropical Cairns - in Unley; then home to the Yorke Peninsula, where a plan is afoot, as it were, for the eventual development of a 500 km walking trail - and biking and horse-riding. At present there is about 60 km, but in disconnected lengths in the vicinity of coastal towns and the Innes National Park. The model is South Australia's existing Heysen Trail which runs north-south from the Flinders Ranges down through the Adelaide Hills. I know, too, Ontario's Bruce Trail in Canada. What a fine resource such recreational trails are in many countries.

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