Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hardwicke Bay

Hi again. Took my desktop computer tower to computer hospital this morning, all the way to Minlaton to the splendidly named Mount Rat Computer Services staffed by my acquaintances Dave and William, who greeted me as one known to them from their respective previous employments. Oh to be young and versatile ... or even employable.

On the way home by a coastal detour I visited the attractive Hardwicke Bay (a community as well as an actual bay on the Spencer Gulf side of Yorke Peninsula) where the lady at the general store said the year-round population is about ninety souls ... several times that number in the holiday season.

I then delivered to the Musical Director the DVDs I created last night - O.K., this trusty laptop did the real work while I watched something on the telly - revealing in grisly detail the bloopers of our upcoming stage show after yesterday' s first dress rehearsal. Yet again, the dog got the best laughs.

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