Friday, August 14, 2009

Floods, massacres and cups of tea.

The world is certainly a strange place. It is possible that we are not required to make sense of it; merely be kinder to one another than our frequent inclination is. Don't know what prompted that.

I really admire people who are adept with internetty things - including blogs which I have hardly gone the hang of yet - never mind your actual Information Technology wizards such as highly trained professionals or any eight year old.

Just discovered the LightScribe products which various CD and DVD manufacturers offer; Verbatim (who say they invented it), Hewlett Packard, Kodak (which has re-invented itself) and lots more. As with much else computer-related, I may be among the last on the planet to discover this neat hardware (the physical coated discs) and the necessary software which lets you put labels to your own design on discs which you choose to make ("burn") from any of several sources, such as a camera, or images (still or moving) on your computer, or from existing music CDs or DVDs. I mean ones whose content you own ... no piracy here, thanks.

The sun is shining. Pleasant breeze is blowing. All good so far. No floods and landslips like in Taiwan in the past week. No massacres within fifty miles of me like occurred in Sudan the week before. Et cetera. If one's nearby community is tranquil, then it seems to be O.K. to say "everything is fine." Some news guru on the TV mentioned that 28,000 shooting deaths happen annually in the U.S. Roughly same as the road toll. Is this good? Is it slightly bad? Can I change it? What can I actually DO? What I do actually do is to go and have a cup of tea, maybe as good a response as any, for the moment.

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