Friday, March 19, 2010


Well. tomorrow's the day. State elections in Tasmania and here in South Australia. Will Rann the Man survive? Will Libs in Opposition leader Isobel Redmond become the new State Premier? 24 hours from now the votes will be being cast, and by tea-time the counting will be under way. Will they care in Afghanistan? Nope. But for a few of us it will make some difference. Not that I support either of the main parties!

And of course, my own electorate Goyder is just about the safest Liberal seat in the whole state; farming country, deeply hostile to a perceived threat by the present administration to downgrade regional hospital facilities, and there are always city versus country issues. Sitting member Steven Griffiths is very popular, a capable and good bloke.

Who knows?

On Monday I have to be away to the city for the first of those four (SLT) eye operations.

Today I am treating myself to FoxSport coverage of the First Test between Australia and New Zealand in Wellington. The month's subscription for the sports channels is $16, but I intend it to be for one month only, remembering - or having the discipline - to cancel.

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  1. The elections in both our states will indeed be interesting tomorrow. Very best wishes for your eye surgery next week, and don't forget to cancel that FoxSport subscription - I'm sure they won't remind you.