Monday, March 8, 2010

A Note on Leadfoot Tommy Kouts: pre-electioneer

Go there to read some more about the latest grab for cheap low-shot votes on the looming S.A. state election. By none other than West Torrens member Koutsantonis, who, as our Road Traffic minister, accumulated many unpaid speeding fines (reports I've seen varied from claiming 30 to 100 of these). Beyond the serially illegal and dangerous behaviour is the deeper question of how he was able to (1) evade timely dealing with the matters, and (2) keep his licence. One supposes that ordinary citizens in such a position might find themselves doing jail time. TK is now - can you believe it? - Premier Rann's Correctional Services minister.

The new issue is his pamphlet campaign to stir up vigilante action - he claims it isn't - to curb unseemly sex activity in a park in his electorate. However, the substantial online responses, for and agin, include sour remarks from a number of local residents who say that this and other things of concern have been ignored by their political representatives (guess who?) for years, until now. Couple of weeks out from election day. Hmm. Gotta be coincidence. Thanks, BB, for the link.

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