Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hardly bearable

The week has flown. Last Saturday's fireworks opening of the Adelaide Festival has long since faded to black and I was amused to read in friend Bill's blog that he, at the same event, noted that SA Premier Rann was booed when he started his bombastic speech (before, that is, he even opened his mouth).

Yesterday our singer group gave a first for 2010 performance at Melaleuca Court Nursing Home. Next week we do another special 'gig' for the Senior Citizens Club in a different town, and meanwhile the creative souls are planning a program for the annual August Concert. Angie injured a knee a week ago but bravely showed up and even performed a duet with Denis as both singing partner and prop, as in propper-upper. Various teddy bears were in this performance as props for the famous TBs' picnic song which found its way into the final bracket for a lighthearted touch. A blend of the not-too-serious and downright ultralight is our trademark.

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